March 2015 Newsletter

 Newsletter | March 2015
Did You Know?

The Rec Center is not closing from March 24 to April 7 as previously scheduled.

No Closure
Spring Classes
Summer Day Camp
Volleyball Expansion
Play Ball!
Community Events
Volunteer Opportunities
No Closure
Upper Noe Rec Center will remain operational between March 24 and April 7. Rec & Park abruptly cancelled the shut-down that was planned to allow workers to refinish the floors. They have not given any word yet whether the job will be rescheduled in 2015. The center will continue to operate on normal business hours, Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 9 pm and Saturday 9 am – 5 pm.

Spring Classes
Spring courses are in session. Little Kickers, Shred and Butter, Petite Bakers, and Future Chefs started on March 17. All other classes were pushed back to April 7 in anticipation of the planned maintenance closure. Visit for registration information.

One exciting addition for Spring is Home Cooking 101 on Wednesdays from 4/8 - 5/13, 6:30 - 8 p.m.

For a compete catalog of all Rec & Park offerings, go to

See the daily schedule of Upper Noe programs and registration info. Remember that most classes at Upper Noe are open to drop-in guests for a small per-session fee. Check with Rec Center staff.

Day Camp Registration
Sign ups began on March 21. See details

Volleyball Expansion
More Volleyball action at Upper NoeFree Wednesday night Drop-in Volleyball sessions have proved popular. So much so that Upper Noe will expand the play time by hosting pick up matches on Fridays, too, beginning April 3.

Drop-in Volleyball (adult) - Wed & Fri 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Play Ball!
Players take to the diamond for their schoolsBaseball season is back at Upper Noe with school league play. Our less-than-regulation size field is perfect for little sluggers. The games are fun to watch. Carl Nolte of the SF Chronicle strolled by a couple weeks ago and captured it perfectly.

“Little kids were playing baseball in the warm sun, two teams, one in gray with pinstripes, the other in green. They were grammar school kids, the team in gray was from St. Anne’s, on the other side of town. The green team was from the Epiphany school in the Excelsior. They play in a Catholic school league, one of several baseball leagues for kids all over the city.

It was organized: uniforms, batting helmets, metal bats, scoreboards, umpires, third base coaches, schedules, league standings, the big leagues written small.

San Francisco kids are into baseball this year, we hear. Maybe it’s the pull of the wonderful Giants teams. Maybe it’s spring. Maybe it’s the lure of the grand old game, but it’s something. The playground looked like a Norman Rockwell painting.”

Read the full article.

Community Events
At the Rec Center

April 8
7:30 p.m.
Upper Noe Neighbors
Discussion of local issues
Capt. McFadden of Ingleside Police Station will present

April 15
7:00 p.m.
Community Recreation Council / Friends of the Noe Valley Recreation Center
Recreation Center Kitchen
Discussion of 2015 events at Upper Noe

Contact if you have an event that you would like to list.

Volunteers Needed
• Help advise the city on what classes should be offered at the Upper Noe Rec Center.
• Lead a new event.
• Garden at the Park.

Thanks for your interest and support of your park! Please contact us with any questions or suggestions. Let us know about any community events you are planning at the park so we can promote them.

Please forward this newsletter to your friends and neighbors who use the Noe Valley Recreation Center. We want this newsletter to help build the park community -- please help us connect with members of the community.
Enjoy your Park!

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