February 2009 Newsletter

Greetings Friends of the Noe Valley Rec Center and Happy 2009!

We apologize for the delay in communicating news and updates with you. We have been working on restructuring our web site, coordinating a Stewardship Committee and revamping our newsletter.

Our remodeled park is now open and we hope that you are enjoying it to its fullest. While there were some kinks in the system upon its grand re-opening, we know that Rec and Park has been trying to get the center up and running while addressing staffing issues, budget cuts and general new park problems and concerns.

We have updated our newsletter format and hope that it is helpful to you. Of course, our web site (in progress) will continue to serve as a forum of communication and community involvement for the Rec Center.

Without further adieu… Welcome to the New format for the Newsletter from the Friends of the Noe Valley Rec Center (FoNVRC).

Re-Launch of the Friends of the Noe Valley Rec Center Website
Along with the beautifully renovated park, FoNVRC has been working on
restructuring our web site (still in progress!) allowing community
members to learn about various aspects of the park, help put people in
touch with the right Rec and Park staff (e.g. how to reserve the park,
or who to contact if you see graffiti) and also put you in touch with
the specific members of our Stewardship Committee who have volunteered
to help keep particular areas of the park under their watchful eye.

We hope the website will become a place to post news about the park,
and post answers to frequently asked questions. We hope that it will
help foster a good community spirit for those of us that love and use
our park.

Check out our New Website

Re-introduction to the Friends of the Noe Valley Rec Center
A group of neighbors and interested citizens banded together in 2005
to form Friends of the Noe Valley Rec Center (FoNVRC), to facilitate
community involvement and enable communication between Rec and Park
and you! The group has a small Stewardship Committee, with a number of
volunteers each organized around a specific function.

During the construction phase of the park, we periodically emailed the
community with updates about the progress of the center, and we raised
over $80,000 to help fund items that were not covered by the
construction budget. Now that renovation is complete, our group will
focus on making sure the park is well taken care of and serves our
community well.

We are going to be scheduling a meeting of the Stewardship Committee
soon. Please stay tuned; meeting details to be forthcoming.

Learn More about How to Get Involved with the Friends of Noe Valley
Rec Center

****************************** Joby’s Run Dedicated, Tails Wag


On Sunday, October 19, Upper Noe Dog Play Area was officially
dedicated by Supervisor Bevan Dufty as Joby’s Run in honor of John
“Joby” Shinoff. A good neighbor and champion for Upper Noe dogs and
their owners, Joby’s inspiring work in the community caused the
establishment and improvement of this space as a dog play area.
Neighbors and their dogs gathered to plant a cherry tree and install a
commemorative sign. Supervisor Dufty assisted and spoke of the power
of this space to form community. Everyone seems thrilled with the
recent renovation and improvements to Joby’s Run. This shows in the
way neighbors are maintaining it. Recently, they were successful in
getting a new water line installed to the drinking fountain, providing
clean water for visitors and their pets. We’ll drink to that!

SF Rec and Park News: New Regional Manager for NVRC and Winter Programs


Eric Andersen has been appointed the Regional Manager for NSA5, which encompasses our park. Our stewardship committee will soon be meeting with him to learn about his goals for the center and discuss our questions and concerns. If you have any burning issues, please contact someone from our committee based on that specific area of the park. They will address these concerns to him and send out an update within the next month or two.http://uppernoerecreationcenter.com/wp/about-fonvrc

To participate in Rec and Park-organized activities at the Noe Valley
Rec Center, you must create a “Family Account” and register online at

The Winter 2009 activities have been available for online for
registration since Saturday, December 13 at 10:00 AM.

To find “all” activities at the Rec Center, go to the
www.SFRecOnline.com website, click on the link below, or go to
www.SFRecOnline.com, and choose the “Programs” tab, then click on
“Advanced Search”. A list of all rec centers appears, and ours is
listed as “Upper Noe Valley Rec Center”.

Activities include Adult Tennis, Adult Workout, Conditioning Boot
Camp, ARCZ Homeworkz, Friday Night Fun, Senior Social Club, Tot Gym,
Tot Music, Tot Picasso, Tot Playgroup, Tot Time, Youth Basketball, and
Youth Cooking

Click Here to see the Activities Offered from SF Rec Online at Upper
Noe Valley Rec Center.

Donor Tiles Installed at Rec Center
In mid-December, the Commemorative Tiles were installed on the
outer wall of the outdoor playground. The tiles look beautiful and
thank you to everyone who donated to the Center. Additionally, a
special thank you to Landon Gates of Gates Construction for donating
his crew for this installation.

A future email newsletter will report on all the use of the donations
to date. However, donations are still being accepted and are always
needed, for which a second round of donor tiles will be produced.

Learn more about the Donor Tiles and Donation Opportunities

Thanks for your interest and support of Your Park! Please contact us
with any questions or suggestions.

Alexandra Torre (info@noevalleyreccenter.com) and Molly Sterkel